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This is why I’m not a DIY blogger.

Ask most educators and they will tell you that they have something they typically only do in the summer when they aren’t working.  The school year tends to be so focused on school that there often isn’t time for hobbies and outside interests (sad, but true).  Most teachers I know enjoy reading, working out more,

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Nana’s Rose

My grandmother died December 30th in the middle of a break in of the frigid temperatures we had last winter.  This would prove to be a blessing for me. At her little apartment she had room out front for a small graden.  Most of the area was filled with lawn tchotkes but at some point she

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Taking stock

Call me lazy, call me late for dinner, call me whatever you want.  This is one of those weeks where there is something going on every day and we don’t eat dinner at home, or together, or on time and instead of running around from activity to activity I really want to be snuggled on

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