Overnight Stay

This week was the first time I have been away from my daughter for an overnight stay. I know that this probably may seem ridiculous to some people, especially considering that she’s five years old. I was kind of looking forward to certain aspects of it, even in light of the fact that I knew… Read More Overnight Stay

(Weirdo) Mom Guilt

Any Mom can feel guilty for the regular stuff: working too much, not slaving over a hot stove to have a sit down dinner waiting for her family, losing her temper and flying off of the handle over molehills. In addition to those run-of-the-mill guilt inducers, I am sorry to my daughter for other things.… Read More (Weirdo) Mom Guilt

Toughening Up

When I was a kid, I often recall my father telling me that certain things would toughen my constitution. Usually it was stuff that I felt required me to suffer — for example, keeping the thermostat on low, shoveling snow, wiping away the tears and brushing off a skinned knee. I was a sensitive kid,… Read More Toughening Up

Believing In Magic

“Are fairies real?” “I don’t know, Bean. They could be. Do you believe in them?” “Yes. But I’ve never seen one.” “Just because we’ve never seen something doesn’t mean it’s not real, right? Have you ever seen a hippo?” “No.” “So, I don’t know. Maybe fairies are real, and maybe they’re not. If you want… Read More Believing In Magic

Vent Session

They say that shared joy is double joy and shared sorrow is half a sorrow. Well, if that’s the case, then I guess there’s nothing left to do but have a good laugh over mother-in-law-isms with people who can relate. I’ve been a member of an online mom group for nearly five years. It’s a… Read More Vent Session

Growing Pains

My daughter exhausts me. She pushes me to my limits, tests my patience, and her whining can be maddening. But I find myself wishing the weekdays away until Friday comes and I never want the weekends to end. Instead of trudging out to my car and going to work each morning, I just want to snuggle up… Read More Growing Pains

Space Girls

I have always heard about seeing things through the eyes of a child, which immediately makes me think of imaginative play, silly questions, and Christmas. And while my daughter has refreshed my perspective in those respects, she has also managed to open my eyes in ways I hadn’t even thought of. I’m sure other people… Read More Space Girls

Tiger Mom

For this mom, the struggle to find balance remains a constant one. Of course. What else is new? And, well, alright, while I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a tiger mom, I feel like sometimes I push my daughter. Maybe a little too hard. I’ve tried to find the source of why I do this. My… Read More Tiger Mom


I’ve had nearly identical conversations with several different moms this week, so I figured it might be a good topic to write about. I’m not sure if everyone can relate to this, but I’m guessing that many moms can: Kid-centricity. Maybe it’s because I’m flooded with working mom guilt. Maybe it’s social media that puts… Read More Kid-Centric