We Are Moms

It’s so easy to get into the grind of daily life when you’re on autopilot: ┬ápacking lunches, commuting, sitting at your desk, doing kid pickup, throwing dinner together, unpacking backpacks, and trying to make the house not look disgusting. So I’m just here to remind you of a few things that you may do on… Read More We Are Moms

Toys for Moms

I’m the mother of a four-year old only child. This can only mean one thing: if I don’t carve some time out of my house-cleaning schedule to play with her, I feel like a total creep for subjecting her to a life of loneliness and solitude. Ugh. Stupid freaking mom guilt. It’s not that I… Read More Toys for Moms


The truth is, being a parent makes people who were at one time sane and balanced behave like weirdos. I’m sorry to my daughter when she learns to read — and at the risk that she might stumble across what her ridiculous mother wrote below, I am posting this anyway. Here are some of my… Read More Truths