Ready to Rage

No, no. Not in that “let’s have a good time!” sort of way. More like that, “I’ve had just about enough of everything and I’m at my breaking point” sort of way. I am so tired of people droning on about the weather (myself included), but I’m really hoping that endless days of cold and… Read More Ready to Rage

Nature Art

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous” — Aristotle¬† With my daughter approaching the big 4 and her love for anything craft growing at an equally rapid rate, this mom has been on the hunt for new project ideas. This past weekend we went to the 27th Annual Arts Day in… Read More Nature Art

For the Record

I love my record player. I’ve had my Panasonic dual-cassette turntable for probably about 25 (or more) years now. It’s covered in ridiculous stickers and sits on top of my dresser, tucked away in our closet / ironing / workout room. I’ve dragged it with me through all of my moves through my 20s, along… Read More For the Record


Is my daughter watching too much TV? Getting too much screen time? Is she getting enough “fresh air”? Is she going to pick up a stomach virus? A serious personal dread of mine. Are people going to pick on her at school? Am I spoiling her with clothes or toys? Am I using my phone… Read More Scaredy-Mom

Snowed In

I’m forever trying to think of ideas to keep my preschooler entertained without having to turn the TV on. January can be tough enough with its deep-freeze temps, but add some heavy snow to the mix, and I need to step up my indoor entertainment game. So here I am, sharing some of our snowy… Read More Snowed In