Author: vleeshiue

Plugging In

I have a confession to make…well, actually, I have SEVERAL confessions to make: I let my kids watch TV. And I let them play games on the computer. And yes (GASP!), I even bought them their own IPod Touches.  And I do so without guilt. It started with this – every Saturday morning, Hubby goes

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Glamour Mom

Motherhood and everything associated with it is a journey; one that is rewarding, amusing and one that I’d do again in a heartbeat. But sometimes, something happens that makes you wonder what the hell became of “The-Life-You-Used-To-Know”; the one pre-kids, when you imagined yourself eventually being a glamour mom living in a gorgeous and clean suburban home,

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Chow Time…

If there is one thing in my parenting existence that gives me a ridiculous amount of stress, it is MEALTIMES. I.NEED.HELP. I am the girl who went to college and lived my entire first year eating frozen yogurt and cold cereal…the dorm dining hall was my junkfood dream…I am a carb junkie. Last Wednesday, while my

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