Reigniting My Romance With Reading

When I picked up my first book of the year, I was instantly in love with reading again. I remembered how good it feels to immerse yourself in another world. To allow yourself to be transported inside the mind of someone else… to take a moment in another life. It’s the same reason I love movies, but books take you a level deeper. Nothing better than being lost in a story.… Read More Reigniting My Romance With Reading

2022: A Journey of Self-Discovery

I knew that I needed to take a look at how I viewed various relationships in my life – friends, family, colleagues. It wasn’t all working. I needed to learn how to set boundaries with myself and with other people. Unfortunately, this meant facing the reality that some “strong” friendships, weren’t going to hold up under the pressure of my journey. This was something I didn’t want to face, and recognizing broken relationships that couldn’t be recovered was heartbreaking. But, on the same note, I know it’s better to know.… Read More 2022: A Journey of Self-Discovery