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No time

I have about two or three wonderful, witty, heartfelt blogs stuck in my head but guess what I have no time (work, teething toddler, cleaning, and more work) and even worse I am exhausted so they come out as jumbled “word vomit” messes. I usually feel very put together but this morning I am exhausted.

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This is Me…. Joy

Ever have an ahhhh moment? Stephanie’s “This Is Me” post made me think.  Think about some of the stuff we don’t  always say as moms or some of the things we think others may judge us on, so we just keep it to ourselves.  I think Stephanie’s list also got me thinking about one of my “issue” topics

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Am I Forcing My Views on My Daughter?

As long as I can remember I have been a pretty strong feminist. Not your bra-burning, stereotypical version of the man hating beast that society tries to describe, but a woman just looking for women to finally be equal in a society where equal pay for the same job is still frequently unheard of. I

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