Coming out again…and again

Raising children in a 2-mom household may come with challenges, but we have always been up for whatever comes our way. When my wife and I decided to have kids, we knew we’d need to be 100% comfortable with each and every question, confused reaction, conversation and (God forbid) animosity, that came with our choice to bring children into our lives. But I cannot forget that we are different.… Read More Coming out again…and again

Family Pride

Our community is very diverse and accepting, but we are fully aware of the reality that our boys (and us) still have and will encounter in our/their lives. We are hyper aware of how our boys see every person, trying to instill that their views of every person should be as a fellow human being. And we also making sure they have the courage to stand up for themselves and others, to question and to make every effort to understand everything that is different from what they know.… Read More Family Pride

A Trans-Parent Day

There are certain universal truths to parenting. You’ll never love someone else as strongly or as deeply. You’ll never lose as much sleep. Gross bodily functions will lose their “squick” impact through repeated exposure. But they’re still gross. Hugs from your kids will never go out of style. Some parenting experiences are specific to a… Read More A Trans-Parent Day