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We Broke All The Rules: Married with Kids

I never fully appreciated how much the general public feels they may comment freely on your personal life and choices until I became a parent. As anyone with kids has probably learned, everyone seems to have tips to share, even if they’re unsolicited: sleep, feeding, dressing, childcare etc…the list goes on. I can tune most of

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True Confession: My kids never slept in a crib

There is a part of my parenting that, until recently, I felt terrible about: my children never slept in cribs. I’m sure some of you, possibly most of you, are horrified by this. I honestly don’t even know how it happened. They are great sleepers now, and my younger son has generally been a great

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Coping When School is Hard

This time of year is rough for parents whose kids have a hard time with school. My Facebook newsfeed is flooded with articles about managing the transition back to school, tales of how everyone’s kids seem to just run off the bus excited to tell their parents about how great their school day was, stories of

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