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Looking a gift horse in the mouth

  I first discovered the magic of horses at five years old, and, as the saying goes, we were off and running. By age seven, I (literally) landed my first pony-related concussion and sutures.  Undaunted, I climbed back into the saddle the moment a doctor gave the OK.  My parents were initially in some form

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But You Don’t NEED a Cleaning Lady

On an average day I wake up and realize I am already late for everything I need to do for the day. Rush to get the children out of bed and ready to drop off at school/daycare. The process of getting out the door with three kids all ages four and under isn’t as easy

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Why Do We Mock Work at Home Mothers?

Hi ya’ll!   I’m Danielle and I am a work at home mother of three here in Connecticut!  I am in the Fairfield County area, and I love living here!  I was born and raised in Stratford and one day I will migrate back there!  That is certain a goal for me!  I just figured I

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