CTWM’s Writing Info

Writing Tips:

Keep your posts under 500 words. Break up ideas into paragraphs. Write from the heart. Make sure that your post fits with our Love More, Judge Less theme. You can write about most topics except for politics, elections, and issues that are very controversial. When in doubt, just ask me!

Also – you are welcome to write as many times a month as you’d like. The minimum is one, on the day assigned, but if you feel called to write and publish more than that, you can also post on the site any other time.

Writing Under an Alias:

If you would like to talk about parenting or something difficult using an alias, we can set up a second WordPress account for you to publish under with a different name. Reach out to Michelle any time for help with this.


Remember – you can’t grab photos from just anywhere on the internet because there may be copyright issues. The following sites are awesome and do not require attribution:



Social Media:

WordPress now automatically posts our content on all of our social media accounts. Just make sure that when you post, you’ve included a small excerpt in the social preview section that you will see when you hit the publish button.

Instructional Video: