Elise Schreier

Bio: Elise and her wife live in Newington. After becoming foster parents in December 2009, they’ve developed a much greater appreciation for drinking. Kidding, mostly. In April 2012 they were overjoyed to have the opportunity to adopt their 3 wonderful foster children ages 6, 2 ½, and 19 months. Despite racking up mega loans to study school and child psychology for a million years, Elise works full time in the insurance industry. Not to worry though, her children – thoughtful things that they are – make sure she has ample opportunity to put her schooling to work on a daily basis. In her free time – ha!, yeah right.

Tip for Other Working Moms: “Don’t spend your time and energy comparing yourself to or critiquing other moms. Instead, spend it joining forces with the moms around you – seeing your similarities and identifying ways to help each other. There is so much power in the shared experience of motherhood.”

Read all of Elise’s posts here.

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