Kris-Ann Race

Blogger Name: TheAmazingRaces

Bio: In November of 2007, Kris-Ann and her husband heard the words no parent wants to hear. “Your son has a seizure disorder and of all the types to have, this isn’t the one you want.”  This started her family’s journey into the world of special needs, developmental delays, Early Intervention (Birth to Three) and IEPs. Instead of just learning how to be a first time parent, Kris-Ann had to figure out how to juggle a full-time job, doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions and school schedules. All she’s figured out is that, even years later, it remains a challenge.  Kris-Ann dreams of living a simple lifestyle with chickens in the yard and a huge garden to nourish her family, but in reality lives with an eccentric dog and has her husband manage the grocery shopping.  Kris-Ann and her husband were both raised in central CT and now live just outside of Boston with their two sons, and English bulldog.

Tip for Other Working Moms: “Outsource cleaning your house if you can. Taking time on weekends to spend with your family or on hobbies is much more fulfilling than cleaning the bathroom.”

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