Send Us Your Writing!

Ever considered writing a blog post of your own? Now is your chance! While CT Working Moms is mainly led by 20+ permanent writers, we encourage our readers to submit guest blogs for consideration. We are a community, first and foremost, and we want to help lift up the voices and experiences of our fellow

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This is What the Truth Looks Like: I’m a Gaslighting Survivor

Woman with her head down

Content warning: Abuse and sexual violence During my marriage of over 10 years I remember feeling so confused all the time. My partner would go from loving, to grumpy, to emotionally removed, and then would blow up at me in arguments like I’d never had before. He’d tell me that I wasn’t a good person

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This is 45

Image of Jenna

Today, I officially become the age where I now round up to half a century.  How crazy is that? It sounds so old. I don’t feel old. I still feel so clueless, so much of the time. Yet here I am, muddling through. The physical signs are wild enough. I am starting to get a few

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Hey Connecticut Parents, You’re Now Going to Have PAID Family Leave!

Paid family leave is coming!

Today I had the honor of attending the bill signing for Connecticut’s new paid family leave law. In what feels like a past life (but is really just a past job), I co-chaired the Campaign for Paid Family Leave with my dear friend Catherine. Being part of that campaign is one of the highlights of

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