Submit a Guest Post

Ever considered writing a blog post of your own? While CT Working Moms is mainly led by 20+ permanent writers, we do encourage our readers to submit guest blogs for consideration. We are a community, first and foremost, and we want to help lift up the voices and experiences of our fellow working moms in the state. You’re welcome to email us on any topics (well, except politics and elections, we steer clear of that here).

Here are some general guidelines that we’ll use when selecting guest posts:

  • Your post should have a non-judgmental tone (this is crucial).
  • Posts should be well-written and free of major grammatical errors.
  • Posts should be emailed to us in a word document.
  • Posts should be between 500-800 words, no longer than that please.
  • We love authenticity, so write honestly and from your direct experiences.
  • Original posts only, no crossposts.

Quick things to know if your piece is selected:

  • We’re all volunteers here. We write from our hearts because we believe in the message of this site.
  • Your post will be promoted via our social media.
  • We’re grateful for you and excited to help elevate your voice.

All guest posts should be submitted to us via email at