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A Story About A Store That Lives Up To Its Motto (AKA: Shopping Cart Update)

Short version: THEY LISTENED!!! Stew Leonard’s listened to what you all had to say about the terrible double shopping carts and purchased some AWESOME carts!! Long version: Back in January, I kicked off the new year with a rant about double shopping carts. In it, I called out my disappointment in Stew Leonard’s (Stew’s), a store whose

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Cleaner Living: Picking our Battles

Last week I was honored to have been asked to give a speech at the Coalition for a Safe and Healthy CT’s annual meeting.  The Coalition is comprised of citizens, health professionals, workers , environmental justice groups, educators, and others seeking preventive action on toxic hazards and they are committed to raising awareness of the health impacts associated

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Homebirth in CT, Part I

Yesterday I was asked if I would attend a meeting with the new Commissioner of Public Health to discuss the legal status of homebirth in Connecticut. Well, sort of.  I have no idea if the Commissioner has any idea that a few homebirth supporters will be stopping by to pay her a visit.  Not yet,

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