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Embracing Our Humanity Takes Courage

I am slowly examining my relationship with perfectionism.  What brought this issue to the forefront?  First: I have children.  Cleaning my house, washing finger prints (or paint or marker) off the walls is futile.  The floors are never clean. I have a dog.  Ditto the above, minus perhaps a little paint but throw in a decent

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Strength with Humilty

“Real Strength” is a new program launching out of Meriden that I am just tickled beyond words to be a part of.  It is a violence prevention program aimed to reduce men’s violence through a mentorship model.  Essentially, we’re challenging men to be introspective, and to see how the vast problem of violence against women and children is

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5 job lessons that will help me in my parenting

Christa’s post from this past Friday, “5 parenting lessons that will help me in my job,” really struck a chord with me.  Years ago, when I was fresh out of college and a newly minted restaurant manager, I had no clue how to manage others.  I felt really, really young and inexperienced compared to my

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