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Freebie Friday! (This one’s for the girls)

Happy Freebie Friday all! As usual, simply post a comment on this blog to try to win this giveaway. Contest will be open all weekend and one winner will be selected Monday morning. Today’s giveaway is special in that it’s just for one lucky little girl! Nichole Rice, from Ashford, CT,  just loves making tutus.

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Favorite Things: Little Colds Honey Elixir

We have been plagued by illness the last few weeks (hence my disappearance from blogging…Sorry!). Ava and I have had strep with an ear infection for her to boot, now she is just getting over croup and I have some nasty,  sneezy, itchy whatever (not sure how Miles and hubby are escaping the torment…. knock

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FLU SHOT – Yay or Nay?

Thought I had already decided on this – Now I am rethinking my choice.      “In addition, thimerosal (used in Flu shots) has been implicated as a cause of increased rates of Autism.  As a result it has been removed from many standard pediatric vaccines.  All EXCEPT the annual flu vaccine.  To get a flu vaccine

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