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Yes, you are totally unprepared for parenthood. Have your kids anyway.

  I have been blogging for the past year about being a mompreneur, lawyer-style.  Solo lawpreneur with a touch of mom, if you will.  For all of you people who are audibly “ughhh!”-ing right now, because you absolutely detest these cutesy titles I’m always working into my posts, well, if you’re still reading my stuff

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Five Things You Learn When Appearing on the TODAY Show to Discuss Post-Baby Body Image

  In case you missed it, here’s the clip of me from earlier in the week, talking about our bodies after giving birth.  If you’re like me and actually hate clicking on videos (my brain is less patient without the written word as a visual stimulus), the spot can be summarized thusly:  love your body

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The First Birthday of the Second Child: Making It Special

I believe this is an oft-described phenomenon, but I have been noticeably more lax in my approach to planning my second child’s first birthday.  By “lax,” I mean that the afore-mentioned “planning” has consisted of me making a mental note every time I look at my calendar and remember that the baby is turning one,

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