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Because the internet needs just one more back-to-school blog post

Like many of my mom friends, this week brought about change for our family as my daughter started pre-kindergarten. The last few days and all their necessary adjustments have certainly created their fair share of struggles (dropped-nap-that-she-used-to-take-during-the-time-that-she’s-now-in-school, this side eye is meant for you) and leaving my daughter in the care of near strangers –

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Science shirts for the girls; racks of camo for the boys?

I have seen many articles covering Land’s End recent addition of science-themed shirts for girls to their fall clothing line. This is great, and clearly long overdue. I don’t even have a daughter, but I’ve noticed the major anti-feminist themes running in clothing for shockingly young girls out there. I get it, and I applaud Land’s End

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Spreading Back-to-School Smiles in Your Community

I have a love-hate relationship with Back-to-School shopping. On the one hand, it’s the moooost wonderful tiiime, of the yeaaaar: (that may as well be me in the commercial) But on the other hand, the commercialism and greed of it all drives me nuts! I have looked though my kids’ closets, and they don’t actually need

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