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Blossoming in my Late 30’s

Could it be that in my last year of my 30’s I’m finally comfortable with who I am? I think so. Could it also be that our family is now complete with a little girl who has shifted my priorities in the best possible ways? Absolutely. I’m finally hitting my stride with motherhood and it only took me 7 years!

Taking Time To Pause

Kairos is God’s time. It’s time outside of time. It’s metaphysical time. Kairos is those magical moments in which time stands still. I have a few of those moments each day, and I cherish them. – Glennon Melton, Momastery This idea of taking a pause to really see the beauty around you is from this

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An Organized Mom Goes A Little Off Schedule

The first thing I notice when I walk into the house are the girls’ backpacks tossed on the floor. Snacks on the counter and a clock which tells me it’s later than I thought. As I step into the kitchen to begin to making dinner, I am greeted by my girls with a big hug, and what’s for

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Trying in Vain to Find Balance in my Life

I am consumed with my sons.  I inhale “Jackson” and exhale “Justus.”  And not for a moment do I regret that.  They are my life, my world, and my heart.  What I struggle with is finding a balance between them and everything else.  I recently wrote about my desire to reconnect with myself; however, I’m

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Breastfeeding, Formula Feeding, and Saying Yes to Opportunities

Emily and I were on NBC30 yesterday to discuss World Breastfeeding Week; you can check out the video here. In my post this week, I discuss some further thoughts I had about breastfeeding vs. formula, our mission of non-judgment toward the parenting choices of others, and about how I almost passed up the opportunity to

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When mom needs a sick day

During the day, my job is to take care of our daughter. While I’m paid in spades in laughter and snuggles, the other benefits for stay at home moms are lacking – namely sick time (and a salary…and vacation time…and health benefits…even a lunch break…but that’s a conversation for another day). I can remember it

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Focusing on me

I’m having a rough day today. I’m in a funk and I wasn’t sure I could pinpoint the reason. But if I’m being honest with myself I think it’s because I miss my daughter. I should be welcoming these hours I get today (and, most of the time, do) that I’m not with her because

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Balancing Act

My ability to balance work and family has been seriously put to the test lately. I’m sure you’ve been there, or are possibly feeling the same way now. There are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done. You’re feeling pulled in ten million directions at once and if one more thing

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