Crazy grateful

Each Thanksgiving, I take inventory of the things I am grateful for.   While I am never more or less appreciative, one year to the next, there are times where events like births or deaths act as glowing reminders of all that we are blessed with (and, more soberingly, how quickly those things may be lost). This… Read More Crazy grateful

Filling Our Gratefulness Jars

My family has been working on filling our gratefulness jars. My daughters each decorated their own mason jar with stickers during church school and our whole church congregation was encouraged to write down something that we’re grateful for each day. Well, it doesn’t always happen every day, but usually after dinner we’ll go around the table and ask what everyone was thankful for… Read More Filling Our Gratefulness Jars

Survivor's Guilt

Life is hard, ya’ll.  It is struggle and pain.  Slips, falls, and disappointments grabbing at your ankles just as you thought you had risen above.  I’ve been there.  I’ve been in that dark place and visit still from time to time. I have battle scars to remind me of where I have been.  But now? In… Read More Survivor's Guilt