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My Postpartum Depression Story – Emerging on the Other Side

It’s been almost four years since that June morning and I am no longer depressed.  I have a second son now and didn’t have postpartum depression with him.  I have since bonded with and love both of my boys more than anything in my life.  My bond is strong and secure with my sons.   

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My Postpartum Depression Story – It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Like This

It was mid-June, a little before 6:00am.  I didn’t know the exact time because I stopped looking at the clock by then, but I knew the approximate time by the amount of sunlight coming through the window.  It must have been a Tuesday because it was Garbage Day.  I watched the garbage truck thump up the

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Birth Trauma: Partners Experience It Too.

I’ve blogged about my two birth experiences before.  Let me first say that I have never experienced what is known as birth trauma:  a feeling akin to post-traumatic stress disorder for those women whose birth experiences were so awful and psychologically unnerving, that they can have a profound impact upon the woman marked by depression

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