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True Confession: I Forgot My Kid’s Birthday

From the outset, I feel the need to defend myself a bit here.  Depending on your interpretation, that title above is either an exaggeration or dead on. Both of my kids have summer birthdays that are not quite comfortable enough to squeeze together into one celebration, but not far enough apart, in my opinion, to

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The First Birthday of the Second Child: Making It Special

I believe this is an oft-described phenomenon, but I have been noticeably more lax in my approach to planning my second child’s first birthday.  By “lax,” I mean that the afore-mentioned “planning” has consisted of me making a mental note every time I look at my calendar and remember that the baby is turning one,

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Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women: The Mom Edition

I recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of my 29th birthday my 34th birthday, and it got me thinking about an episode of Sex and the City with the above title, minus the Mom part.  In that episode, Carrie and friends reminisce — and shudder — over being in their 20s, and consider how much they

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