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April is C-Section Awareness Month. Here is My Story.

When I found that April is C-Section Awareness Month, I knew that I needed to share my birthing story. In 2014 I had an emergency c-section with my firstborn . Consequently, I then had a planned c-section with my second born in 2016. Both experiences were like night and day. After my second one, I really thought that I was over the stigma around having c-section… but then I tried to write my story.

You’ve come a long way, Baby

Four years ago today, a tiny baby boy with an incongruously long name made me a mommy. 

Vaginal Birth vs. C-Section: Which one is the “real” deal?

So we all know that there are really two options when giving birth, right?? We either do it the “natural” way, which is vaginal, or we have a c-section. Simple. Two options. Some women have the choice of which option they want to go with, some don’t. Some want the “all-natural” experience, without the assistance

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Managing regret

Leading up to the birth of my daughter, I thought I had everything planned out.  I chose a hospital birth, but one without meds. I would attempt a vaginal hypnobirth. Baby girl would go straight to my chest before being measured, weighed and cleaned off. We’d lay skin-to-skin, so she could find her way to

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New London, Labor Day: National Rally for Change!

This flyer is for the local (New London) rally taking place on Labor Day next week as part of a national event, the National Rally for Change, seeking to raise awareness about the need for evidence-based maternity care and birth practices in our hospitals.  Brandy Lewis is a local doula who is spearheading Connecticut’s contribution to

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