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Tips for Sending Your Kid to Sleepaway Camp

It usually begins around Memorial Day.  My Facebook feed starts filling up with articles touting the benefits of a ’70’s-style “free-range” summer for kids.  Remember those? Out from dawn to dusk, pick-up sports games and hide and seek in the dark, riding in the “way-back” of the station wagon-without seat belts. Good times, for sure!

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Summer Vacation Does Not Exist for My Family.

  This is the time of year that you tend to see lots of posts on parenting blogs about summer vacation, summer fun, what to do with the kids during the summer, day camps, sleep-away camps, being done with school, family trips, etc. Things are significantly different for my household, because summers look much like

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Camp Week 2: Top 10 Things About Being (Temporarily) Child Free

This was “A’s” second week of summer camp! I’m happy to report that he is having a blast. According to his first letter home, the highlight of his trip was going SCUBA diving and seeing a submerged cinder block and tree log (I suppose that’s pretty awesome for a 10 year-old). He made whoopee pies,

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