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Brimming with potential

Every mother is convinced her child is exceptional.  The difference between me and other mothers, however, is that I have supporting data to back it up. 

A date with death

I have a date with death: April 3, 2017.  It’s not as ominous as it sounds, though – in fact I think it’s going to be a wonderful day.  This will be my first day as a hospice nurse. Early into my maternity clinical rotation at NYU, I decided I should be a Labor and Delivery RN.  Having

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A Tale of Two Sisters: Resisting the Urge to Preach Unsolicited Parenting Advice to New and Would-Be Parents

  The two sisters referenced in the title are not actually sisters.  One woman is my younger sister; the other is my DH’s younger sister, so my sister-in-law.  Both are in their early 30s.  And that’s about where the similarities end. My sister is planning a wedding for next year, and moved to the other

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