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Brimming with potential

Every mother is convinced her child is exceptional.  The difference between me and other mothers, however, is that I have supporting data to back it up. 

A date with death

I have a date with death: April 3, 2017.  It’s not as ominous as it sounds, though – in fact I think it’s going to be a wonderful day.  This will be my first day as a hospice nurse. Early into my maternity clinical rotation at NYU, I decided I should be a Labor and Delivery RN.  Having

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Doing it all or Just Doing a Lot?

I am new to CTworkingmoms.  More importantly I am also a fan.  I so relate to the moms who write so honestly about their joys and struggles.  My oldest is three and youngest is 21 months and I have learned so much already about what it really means to be a working mom.  I learn every

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Mother (hardly) knows best….

Over the past decade, I have worked hard to become a good nurse. Initially quite cautious, over the years I have developed confidence in my abilities, and now pride myself on remaining calm while fielding acute crises. Clinical judgement is equal parts education, training, experience, and common sense, and virtually no one is blessed with all of these components

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Parenting Pitfall: Jack of All Trades, Master of None

My brain is a swirling mess right now.  When I really need to focus, I painfully force myself to shut out distractions and just get down to work.  That is what I’m doing right now, or this post just wouldn’t happen.  I know this for certain.  I know this because I discovered Polyvore this weekend,

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