It Is What It Is

This is a tough one, undeniably the most difficult blog post I’ve written. And I’ll most likely start and stop writing it about a hundred times because as cathartic as it is to get this all out, the associated emotions will be rough. So here goes nothin’. I haven’t spoken with my mother in almost… Read More It Is What It Is

Divorce is Hard

I’m about two weeks from finalizing my divorce and it’s been 6 months since we started this process. I’m not going to sugar coat it, this has been the hardest period of my life. Between navigating life as a now single mom, helping my daughter through all the changes, selling our family home, mediating our… Read More Divorce is Hard

The Morning Rush

I’ve seen a lot of really great blogs and articles lately encouraging parents to slow down, enjoy watching your kids smell the roses and resist hurrying your child. That’s really neat in theory and I do love this philosophy. I recognize that my three-year-old has no sense of time and no internal feelings of urgency… Read More The Morning Rush