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Redefining Autism: Proposal Worries Many Parents

Just saw this artcle in the Hartford Courant, though I would share it here. Did you know they might change the definition of autism? What do you think? By VANESSA DE LA TORRE and WILLIAM WEIR, bweir@courant.comThe Hartford Courant 12:25 p.m. EST, February 17, 2012 When Caleb Geary was diagnosed with autism at age 3,

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Arsenic and….Apple Juice?

Picture is from this website There’s been a lot of talk about apple juice lately as Consumer Reports/Dr. Oz both have done an expose’ on the arsenic (and lead!) levels found in samples of bottled or boxed apple (and grape) juices. Here’s the lowdown: – Arsenic is a naturally occurring element.  It is abundant in

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Special Needs Sunday

We will have a new columnist taking over Special Needs Sunday very soon! Please check out the post below – written by Dr. Pamela Dieter-Sands – a clinical psychologist in Connecticut. Dr. Dieter-Sands is also a mom with 5 kids and some of her children (and other family members) have special needs, or disabilities. Special Needs Moms &

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