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Libraries Are Heaven on Earth and We Are Not Worthy

I have a mild severe obsession with libraries. I know you know libraries exist, but I want to make sure every mom out there knows about these eleven things that make them so amazing for anyone bringing up a child of any age.   1. Free toys I used to think of books when I

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An Imaginative Pig, A Graceful Ballerina, And A Brave Mouse

So what do an imaginative pig, a graceful ballerina, and a brave mouse all have in common? Well, nothing really, other than the fact that they are all characters in books that my daughter and I recently borrowed from the library. A trip to the library has become somewhat of a weekly routine for us.

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5 Children’s Books You may not Know.

Just in case you are still hunting for a few last gift minute ideas for the special kids in your life I wanted to share a few favorites off our bookshelves.  These are not necessarily my kids’ favorite books, these are books I enjoy reading with them.   Lovey might tell you her favorite book

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