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Eviction Notice

Removal of object unknown from privately owned liver. NOTICE TO QUIT Under instructions from the owner, Lilia Gomez, the mass situated at the left lower lobe of her liver (Tumor Unknown) is hereby given notice to vacate and NOT TO RETURN. The period of that notice being 6-7 hours from the service of this document. Date: October

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Challenge experiences of discrimination in all ways, always!

The first time I remember being followed around a store, I was in elementary school. My mother’s body language was the clue that something wasn’t quite right, her tension contagious and her silent anger palpable. An enjoyable afternoon of shopping had become something of a nightmare and my own worries were overwhelming. There were ongoing

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The benefits of different parenting styles!

After about five minutes, we negotiated popcorn at the computer and that made everything better. I fixed his kindle and we spent the afternoon hiking one of our favorite trails. So, what was the lesson? Less than two years ago, I would have taken this whole incident personally, after all I’m his Mom too. Today, I realized that we have two very different relationships and he can benefit from two very different parenting styles. Not only is that okay, he learns that love can be expressed in many ways. I learn that being the less adventurous Mom is important as well!

“That’s not what Mommy said!”: Our strategies when we parent differently.

“That’s not what Mommy said!” is a line I hear virtually everyday. Or, “Mommy doesn’t do it that way.” These responses are often spoken in the height of a task, chore or activity. As I’m getting dinner on the table, I’ve told my seven-year old that he needs to eat his ‘protein and vegetables’ before his

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