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More confessions of a first-time mom

I’ve used my son’s diaper cream for my own body. Baby Boy has this great-smelling, creamy petroleum jelly diaper cream that I carry around in my diaper bag/work bag. I’ve used it in a pinch to moisturize my dry legs while at work, as a lip balm for my lips severely dehydrated due to breastfeeding,

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Confessions of a first-time mom

Nothing brings the confessions out faster than being a new parent.  I can’t be too shy about sharing my parenting faux pas since they’ve become my new reality anyways.  There’s no hiding from them!  Come wade with me through my dirty laundry pile—literally or figuratively, ‘cause I’ve got a lot of that going on too…

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Confessions of a Tired, Busy, Working Mom

In celebration of the upcoming Moms for Moms Day on March 4th I’ve decided to offer up some momfessions for you all. I’m hoping that many of you might be able to relate to some of these and share some momfessions of your own with us. Judgment-free zone, right mommas? Well, here goes… 1. I used

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True Confession: I Revel in Your Imperfection

I love your dirty laundry, the dishes in your sink, the mud on your floor.  I love the lawn that hasn’t been mowed, the ice remaining on your driveway, the hair that is unkempt.  I recently received this text and picture from my spouse: We recently started dog-training with our foster-turned-adopted 6-year-old mutt, Challenger (Challie). 

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The Secret to Happiness?

I promise not to let my happiness grow or dissipate by external things. I will hold myself accountable when I say “I’m happy BECAUSE I have THIS” or “I’m happy BECAUSE I accomplished THAT.” I promise myself and my kids that together we will learn that happiness doesn’t come from things turning out the way we want, or the things we get to have, it comes from us.