Toughening Up

When I was a kid, I often recall my father telling me that certain things would toughen my constitution. Usually it was stuff that I felt required me to suffer — for example, keeping the thermostat on low, shoveling snow, wiping away the tears and brushing off a skinned knee. I was a sensitive kid,… Read More Toughening Up

Enough Is Enough

What’s with us? Women, I mean.  It seems that everything I read, everything I see, almost every woman I speak to – mother or not and across all age groups – feels like she’s never “enough,” she needs to be more. Thinner, stronger, in better shape. More attractive, plucked, waxed, stylish. Doing more for our… Read More Enough Is Enough

Living in Color

I have a burning desire to be a little wild. If you saw me, you wouldn’t believe it, because it doesn’t even look like I’m even trying to be fashionable or creative when it comes to appearances. Under this very boring, flat and blah hairdo, unstyled outfit, and cluelessly applied makeup is a mom that… Read More Living in Color

Climb That Mountain!

“I can do it myself!” is a phrase I hear A LOT from my four-year-old daughter. She usually wants to do e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g herself without any help be it anything from pouring her own milk to picking out her clothes for the day and anything else in between. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to accept that she is becoming so grown up and that… Read More Climb That Mountain!

It Makes Me Sad

My girls love the camera. They cheese it up then immediately demand to see the picture.  I oblige and they smile at the image of themselves and declare, “That’s a good one!”  I’m not sure exactly what the qualifications are for “a good one” but so far they all fit the bill.  Their favorite books… Read More It Makes Me Sad

Palm Sunday Pride

Lovey has always been a cautious child.  She’s what people would call “Slow to warm up”.  She is often the child clinging to my arm or standing behind me.  She used to say “No” when someone asked her name.  Honey and I work hard to parent her in a way that works for her, not… Read More Palm Sunday Pride