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Mahalo: The Gift We Give When We Have the Courage to Receive

In many ways, my little girl meets the definition of vulnerable.  A not-yet-seven year old girl with Autism and ADHD.  She’s no longer young enough for us parents to continue to be her shadow, following her every move and ready to catch her when she falls.  She’s too capable to constantly have safety at arm’s length.  Yet, with

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Embracing Our Humanity Takes Courage

I am slowly examining my relationship with perfectionism.  What brought this issue to the forefront?  First: I have children.  Cleaning my house, washing finger prints (or paint or marker) off the walls is futile.  The floors are never clean. I have a dog.  Ditto the above, minus perhaps a little paint but throw in a decent

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Strength with Humilty

“Real Strength” is a new program launching out of Meriden that I am just tickled beyond words to be a part of.  It is a violence prevention program aimed to reduce men’s violence through a mentorship model.  Essentially, we’re challenging men to be introspective, and to see how the vast problem of violence against women and children is

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