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Disasters in Dating and Cheese Crackers

Dating as a single mom is way more difficult than I anticipated it would be.  First, you need to find someone that you find attractive (physically, emotionally, intellectually). If the feeling is mutual, you have the added trial of figuring out if they are a good match for your kid. This is significantly harder.  And there is no easy way to do it.

Momfession: Still Not Sure I’m Doing It Right

Before I had kids I used to dream of being the perfect mom. You know. The mom who patiently tucks her kids into bed with prayers and songs. The mom who never yells. The kind of mom who makes healthy lunches the night before, whose kids are in bed before 10pm on a school night

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Reasons Why I Suck as a Mom (According to my Children)

Sunday mornings are, unfortunately, not as relaxing as I would like around my home. Because I chose to raise my children Catholic, most Sundays I’m faced with dragging myself and my children out of bed and heading off to church for mass before leaving them all in their religious education classes for the rest of

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