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Back To School Resolutions

As I sit here sipping coffee and watch the morning arrive, I feel the breeze. The weather is slightly cooler and while it feels nice given the hot and humid week we’ve had, it also comes with a little sadness. A sure sign that summer is leaving and in exactly two weeks school will begin.

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Some of What I Really Need To Know About Being Okay I Learned From a 9 and 12 Year Old

A few days ago, I was floating in a tube on the Connecticut shore. It was an amazing beach day. A perfect beach day. The kind you wish for when you are driving there. The kind which makes you want to put on a bathing suit, and dive in. Hot, sticky, and 85 degrees at

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Advice For My Daughters (In Quotes)

My beautiful girls, There are so many things I want for you in life, and advice I want to share with you about life. I know that I won’t always have inspirational words of wisdom of my own to share with you, but luckily for me there are others who have already said it quite perfectly. And although these words are not my own, I hope

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