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I’m not ashamed to be a helicopter parent

Helicopter parents are a readily identifiable species: Omnipresent, hovering, constantly scanning the area for dangers (both real and imagined) that might warrant swooping in to rescue their beloved child(ren).  Many people know at least a few who fit that description, and some of us will recognize ourselves therein. Although I do not know if there

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The Impact of Finding a Sisterhood

No matter how many parenting books you read, or websites you dig through, nothing can truly prepare you for the day you become a mom. It’s so exciting and terrifying and wonderful and nerve-wracking and beautiful and stressful – all at the same time. When I became a writer for ctworkingmoms.com (I’m so thankful Michelle took a

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My defining moment: When I stopped trying to have a “good baby”

When I became a mother, I was the first of my close friends to do so. I’d never seen anyone in my circle of friends go through this enormous life change, and nothing I’d read had prepared me for it. Even having a former career as a teacher left me wondering what I was supposed to

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