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Dinner Wars

I have been doing this mom thing for almost eight years now, and yet up until very recently, I struggled with dinner time. And when I say “struggle” I’m talking about every aspect…   …from what I make (and kids don’t eat).   … to the time of day (the kids are never hungry at

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A Healthy Recipe Even Your Kids Will Like

I recently shared with you my journey towards living a healthier lifestyle. Part of that involves replacing unhealthy foods with those that are better for me. This has become pretty important to me. However, it’s not always easy to get my family to follow suit. I’ve been asked by some fellow moms how I get my kids to eat nutritious

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A New Family Tradition for the Holidays: Black Friday/Post-Thanksgiving/Pre-Christmas Dinner

  This may come across as a mundane topic to many of you, but I was incredibly excited to put together an impromptu Thanksgiving feast for my family this year. I have never played host for my family on any major holiday. For the first time, I was beginning to feel a little sad about

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