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The people who you meet in dog rescue

The road to dog rescue is paved with the 3 Bs: Bugs, Barf, and Bites, and I’ve had my share of them all.  Date night with Karen is less likely to involve a romantic dinner and more likely to involve detonating flea bombs in my car to eliminate party favors left by a recent transport. 

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Ladybug of Love

Twenty years ago, I walked into dog rescue quite literally by accident.  While home from France for the winter holidays, I went with my bestie Carey to the Connecticut Humane Society to help search for her first dog. Initially reluctant to join her, I thought seeing all the undeservingly homeless dogs would break my heart. Which, predictably, it

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Happy Anniversary: the gift I never wanted!

Its been close to two years of allergy meds, dog fur resulting in the need for allergy meds, and the official conversion of our backyard into the landmine-infested stretch of earth we used to call a backyard. Two years of wet kisses and doggy breath, alongside a warm body who although he has a fierce bark, really has no bite. Adopting

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