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Spreading Kindness: A Thank You and Update to Our Readers

Together with your help, CT Working Moms raised $2,000 for the Chrysalis Safe House. We would like to say thank you for your kindness and generosity. You’ve helped make these rooms a little warmer, filled with a little more inspiration, and added a little more love. Your compassion has made a difference in our community, and from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Let’s Love More and Judge Less. Here’s How.

It’s a great logo, right? It’s nice to sit in front of our oversized monitors or look at our bedazzled smart phones with a giant Starbucks coffee in our manicured hands and smile and nod and agree, “Yes.  That’s lovely.  Let’s love more and judge less.  Let’s do that.”   But how do we actually

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Our Thoughts are not Facts: More on Being a Survivor Mom

There is nothing as soothing after an honest, raw blog than someone telling you they needed to read it.  I was honored and touched, so thank you, fellow survivor-mom.  She spoke to me about how she put her “survivor stuff” away when she had kids.  She began hearing the things we’ve all heard when we travel down

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“I Cannot Say Okay Mommy”

Bedtime has come and gone.  Songs have been sung.  Pillows have been fluffed.  Blankets have been tucked in.  Kisses have been placed on foreheads.  The dog has received his last head pat.  Off to dreamland we go. Only we forgot something. “Mommy, what will Monday bring?” Our dear Sage needs to have a sense of “what’s

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