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Birth Trauma: Partners Experience It Too.

I’ve blogged about my two birth experiences before.  Let me first say that I have never experienced what is known as birth trauma:  a feeling akin to post-traumatic stress disorder for those women whose birth experiences were so awful and psychologically unnerving, that they can have a profound impact upon the woman marked by depression

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FAQ: Is It Worth Having a Doula at My Homebirth?

It’s becoming more common for pregnant women and their partners to enlist the labor support services of a doula.  Many women seeking a natural childbirth believe that the emotional and physical support of a doula is crucial in the hospital setting, due to research suggesting that women with continuous support during labor are more likely to

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My Birthing Experience

Warning: This could be triggering. It’s been 8 and a half months since I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. It’s also been the most emotionally trying period of my entire life. Why? Because my birthing experience left me traumatized. (UPDATE: after actually writing this post I realized it’s so long that it will

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