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My Master Thespian

My older son is 32. That means it’s been a while since he was in high school. Yesterday, on Facebook, one of the students from the high school’s theater program posted a message to everyone he could find from those days. One by one, the members of the Hamden High acting troupe responded with their

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How My Second Kid Changed My Career for the Better (But Not Without Some Initial Drama)

  This article caught my attention this week.  It instantly resonated with me, because I actually do believe that my second child “hosed” my career, in a manner of speaking. Like the author, I say that with a bit of hyperbole, because my career is still intact, as far as I can tell.  I was practicing

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High School Throwback: Melanie

It looks like mine will be the final installment in High School Throwback week.  I still haven’t gotten caught up in reading everyone else’s posts, but so far they look great, judging from the photos.  Unfortunately, I don’t have in my possession any high school photos, and I didn’t have time to ask around for

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