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Is it Discrimination? Pregnancy, Parenthood and Your Rights in the Workplace

  Although my practice is now focused on special education matters, I still get plenty of employment law questions these days, as is evident from the many comments I am still getting on my FMLA post.  From time to time, an employee will ask me if something that was said or done in their workplace

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Careers, Motherhood & Being Thirty-Something

For reasons I can’t go into in detail about right now, I have had careers on my mind. Well, mine in particular, but those of others as well. My little sister is working toward her Ph.D. in political science, and is in the process of interviewing at universities throughout the country for that coveted professor

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Need to Know: Connecticut Law on Workplace Pumping

I was recently asked what an employee’s rights are in the workplace concerning expressing (pumping) breastmilk. This is such an important issue, that it constitutes one of the rare instances in which I am happy to provide “employee-side” guidance on the law as opposed to my usual role in representing management. But then, I also

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