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I Am More Than My Weightloss

I’ve lost a lot of weight recently. It’s not all that new or different as I’ve yoyo-ed a lot over the past 20 years or so, but I’m approaching my lowest adult weight and it’s drawn a lot of attention from those around me. It feels good to have people notice my hard work and

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Feeling Victorious: Nourishing my Body and Spirit

We moms know that not much else compares to feeling like you have your sh*t together. Those periods of time where you feel relatively balanced and you’re able to tell yourself, “I’ve got this!” To be honest, it’s a feeling I’m not quite used to having, but am enjoying right now. Maybe sometimes you just have to hit your

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Don’t Be a Hero: Being OK with Being Average

When my depression started to lift after starting a much-needed prescription, I came to the scary realization that certain aspects of my personality and outlook on life were driven by that altered state of mind.  Or rather, those aspects were a part of who I was until I started tinkering with my neurochemistry. One of

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