New Expectations

We just had “Open House” night at my son’s school and all I can say is, “Wow, things have stepped up quite a bit.” He’s just started 5th grade and the focus this year is on getting the kids ready for (eek!) middle school. The preparation goes beyond the curriculum – clearly they need to… Read More New Expectations

Feeling Hateful

It’s not a great day for me. I’m dreading a confrontational meeting tomorrow. So I am going to purge all of my hateful feelings in an effort to cleanse my psyche. 1. Slugs: why do they exist? All they do is eat the plants in my garden before they get a chance to grow. They… Read More Feeling Hateful

No Expectations

Take me to the station And put me on a train, I’ve got no expectations To pass through here again Expectations have caused me a lot of pain over the course of my life. I was often disappointed and hurt when I expected my parents to act a certain way. Boyfriends and significant others, being… Read More No Expectations

Wisdom Wednesday

Re-thinking Our Expectations Did you happen to catch this article from NPR? It’s entitled “Teacher Expectations Can Influence How Students Perform” and discusses evidence that teacher expectations of students really do have an influence on their performance. Interesting, to me, for several reasons. Of course, I’m interested in how this affects what I do as a… Read More Wisdom Wednesday