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Judgment freeze, if you please

We should not have to defend ourselves to each other.  We are free (and encouraged!) to make our own decisions, to be inadequately, incorrectly, or even overly informed. 

A Kid’s Christmas

Last year after my daughter’s third birthday party my grandmother told me, “You have a real kid’s house. You can tell they have a lot of fun here.” I know she meant this as a compliment so that’s how I took it. She meant that kids are welcomed here, that we are a happy house,

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How to Have a Healthy Love Affair with Facebook

Social media.  We can’t escape it.  People with their nose in their phone, oblivious to the world around them are everywhere.  Whether we like it or not, it’s a part of our lives.  To what extent is up to you.  Recently I’ve been reading a lot about the negative aspects of social media – cutting into

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My Year: I’d Rather Not Review It, Facebook

If any of you have a Facebook account (and that’s probably most of you), you’ve probably received a holiday “card” of sorts – a post that shows up in your feed that replays the prior year’s top events in photos. The pictures, algorithmically customized for each user, are displayed under the tagline; “It’s Been A Great

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