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Let Them Fail

Being achievement-oriented with perfectionistic tendencies, I have read enough parenting books and articles to know early on that I would need to make a conscious effort to allow my children opportunities to fail. I truly believe that getting good at making mistakes is a key element to being successful in life.  It wasn’t so hard

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A Working Mom’s Rebuttal to Judith Sherven’s “Mommy Manager Syndrome”: Five Ways Moms Rock at Workplace Management and Business Leadership

  First of all, until I read this article on LinkedIn, I had no idea who Judith Sherven was. I still don’t really know. She’s some kind of psychologist, apparently. Since her work does not seem to appear in any parenting-oriented blogs, I am thinking this highly offensive article she posted was probably a misguided

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Mompreneur Confession: I’m Haunted By My Parents’ Business Failures

  People always seem surprised to learn that I grew up without money, or at least without much of it.  I don’t know for certain if this is the reason why, but it occurs to me that neither of my parents ever had any semblance of what you could call a career.  Sure, they worked,

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