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Dinner Wars

I have been doing this mom thing for almost eight years now, and yet up until very recently, I struggled with dinner time. And when I say “struggle” I’m talking about every aspect…   …from what I make (and kids don’t eat).   … to the time of day (the kids are never hungry at

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Chew on this: Why Family Dinners Mean So Much

I feel fortunate to have grown up with the daily ritual of eating dinner together as a family. Almost every evening around 5:00 my family would congregate at the dinner table sharing stories, discussing current events, and enjoying each other’s company. No matter how busy life was, our dinners together always helped to keep us

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Quick, Easy Family Meals and Tips To Help You Survive “The Witching Hour”

Every time I watch any of those cooking-challenge-chef shows, I roll my eyes. Puh-leaaaase. Cook a delicious, creative dinner with seemingly random ingredients? Handle emotional, interpersonal blow-ups mid meal prep? Serve food you’ve worked hard to prepare to extremely harsh, blunt critics? This is more commonly known as…every night of my life. I am not

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