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Five for Friday: Top Five Misconceptions About Women Who Have Homebirths

  My second “baby” turned two years old the other day. At this point in my parenting adventures, as I get further away from the last time I gave birth, I’m getting fewer questions about my homebirth experiences. But every so often, the topic does come up. I recently had bloodwork done, which I absolutely

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Five for Friday: Five Reasons I Have Writer’s Block Right Now (Hint: They Have Something to Do with Being a Mom)

  1. SOMETIMES YOU FEEL LIKE A NUT …  I know Melissa just posted about this frequent CTWM topic, but it turns out that my three year old has food allergies. So my brain has been dwelling on her and the myriad forms I’m being required to fill out (for two separate school-day/child care programs).

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Five for Friday: Disjointed Thoughts On My Week in Parenting, Work and Life in General

“Five for Friday” isn’t necessarily a regular thing on this blog, with me or anyone else.  It’s really my way of telling you that I don’t have enough at the moment to write one decently-lengthed solid post.  But I’ve seen this format on other blogs lately, and I really like it, so I’m going to

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